What happens when you tan your stretch mark camouflage?

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Stretch mark camouflage technique covers up your stretch marks, scars and all sorts of skin discolorations! But what happens to it when you tan?

Based on research over the last decade scientist assume that 70% of world’s population has stretch marks. That includes both men and women.

You probably heard numerous explanations how the stretch marks develop, so we will do a shorter and clearer explanation.

Our skin tissue is divided in different layers. Let’s break it down to just the main 3: 

Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis.

Dermis is the thickest layer of our skin.

Dermis is home to collagen and elastin fibers. You probably heard a lot about collagen in the past few years, since it is no.1 secret weapon of major beauty companies. Everyone is doing a skin care line or ampoules with collagen boost. But does it work when it comes to stretch marks or scars?

We all know at this point, that collagen is crucial when it comes to skin aging and it is also crucial in skin regeneration.

Stretch marks are a way of tissue scarring and what you may not know is that where the stretch mark form, the collagen and elastin fibers broke. 

when you tan

That means that skin can’t heal herself to look like the rest of the skin. When stretch marks are still red the inflammation phase is still present and when they are healed they turn white.

For those of you, who are not so skin flash oriented and are not confident when it comes to stretch marks or scars on your body, we have a new technique to cover them up.

Stretch mark camouflage is a pmu (permanent make up) technique and we are performing it on a daily basis. We use a special designed device to implement pigments similar to your skin tone to cover up the stretch marks, scars.

If you haven’t heard of the stretch mark camouflage treatment you can read more about it here.

So, when we perform the stretch mark camouflage and when you heal you will hop into your favourite pair of bikinis. A lot of people are asking us what happens if they tan their fresh stretch mark camouflage on their skin.

And here is the answer.

First things first. Stretch marks are white. Your skin tone is let’s say peachy beige.

You can imagine the contrast right?

So when we are done with the procedure, your stretch marks are not white anymore but look just like your peachy beige skin tone. They are now even to your normal tone.

When you go to the beach and tan, your skin tone turns into bronze beige. That is a five skin tone difference. Well, the camouflage doesn’t change the colour.

But, the contrast between previous white stripes and the stripes we matched to your skin tone is HUGE!

when you tan

Not only your stretch marks or scars will look less noticeable, they will look more ‘’healthy’’ because they are not white anymore.

However, do not forget to use sun protection (50+) on your body and your treated areas, because the stretch mark camouflage is not a protection. It is a skin pigmentation for cosmetic purpose only. 

If you are willing to give a shot you should try this technique on yourself. The best part of it is it doesn’t hurt and gives great results.

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