Today 22 institute is present in the USA, Australia, Philippines, Israel, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland and other countries. A company that develops and never rests. A company that gives a guarantee of satisfaction.

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22 Institute is professionally educated team with many years of experience. Our mission is art. From every perspective.

Our passion is the beauty and well-being of our satisfied customers. 15+ years of traveling around the world, educating colleagues from the entire world of the cosmetics industry, is considered a great experience for which we are very grateful. But hard work goes a long way. And that's how the 22 team breathes.

The effort has led us to many Pmu world techniques, where we are leaders. We even qualified the Pmu Camouflage method ourselves. The results are exceptional and the Camouflage method is currently one of the most popular Pmu methods for covering stretch marks and scars. 22 is a brand that we stand firmly by. Not only with all necessary documentation and CE certificates, but also with certificates from other countries.

Quality is something that counts for us and that is why we have remained on the market all these years. The founder Tatjana Damjanovic, who is a pioneer in the Pmu world, brought the Microblading method to the world, and later other trends. She is very detailed, so her brand is different in many ways. Different in terms of both details (nicely packaged products) and the stories behind the brand

Not tomorrow, not yesterday, today.. Today, 22 institutes give you both great treatment and the power to make your dreams come true. Build your career, because in addition to training, we also provide a unique cooperation system. If there are no 22 partners in your country yet, don’t wait. 22 is not just a brand, it is much more. We know the formula for success, behind which there is a lot of work, but success is guaranteed.


Tatjana Damjanović only has two hands, so Master artists Nataša and Angelina help her. They are her colleagues with whom she has been creating together for 10 years. That’s right, they meditate every day with plenty of work, because 22 institute is a mission for them, not a job. Here they perfect themselves and feel at home. This can be felt when you visit them, because the customers as students absolutely love them.

Nataša, Master Artist & Trainer

In another word, you could call her the Master of Eyebrows and Camouflage. You can easily trust her because of her professionalism. She joined the collective 12 years ago. Nataša and Tatjana traveled the whole world together (USA, Kuwait, Europe, etc.). She is Tatjana's right hand in every way.

Anđelina, Master Artist & Trainer

An artist that never rests. With her passion, she is always there to enrich the offer of 22 Institute. Always on trend, positive and experienced, she knows all pmu methods and is ready to share her knowledge. A true professional. Together, all three emit special power and work harmoniously, which is especially important for success.

Aida & Uroš, Sales & Strategy Team

22 institute is supported by Aida and Uros with their Digital agency Creative2 Agency, which has 4 members. Creative2 Agency created basically everything you see about 22 Institute – from instagram to textbooks, marketing campaigns etc. From design to marketing, they lead everything with their exceptional style. They are real artists and they create the brand day by day into a more successful 22 institute.